The “Who” Matters!

The pet services industry has grown fantastically in the 20 years that we’ve been in business. In 1997, the mention of doggie daycare was met with mostly chuckles. We had to sell the idea of daycare to clients back then. Even when we attended trade shows and seminars, and introduced ourselves as a doggie daycare provider, the majority of our counterparts were convinced it was too niche, too risky, too labor-intensive. Well, they were wrong!

The field is much different now. You can shop around for a doggie daycare and select the one that best suits your needs. You can compare locations, amenities, policies, facilities, and cost. One question we hope you are asking in your search, is WHO is taking care of my pets?

You walk through the door and the staff and your pet are both excited to see one another! You are surprised to see that the person greeting you remembers your dog, their personality, details about their diet and heath history. They lean down and get a hug or kiss from your pet. It is so comforting to know that your pet is being cared for by people that really KNOW and LOVE them!

That level of care requires a very well-trained, full-time, longtime staff, and that is exactly what Club Pet provides that differentiates us from other facilities. Specifically …

… the average tenure of a Club Pet Too employee is 6 YEARS!

… you will get a person who receives a minimum of three weeks of training upon hire. Included in that training? DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS! Our new hires regularly remark that they have never received such thorough, measured training. Our training process focuses not just on procedure. We teach our employees about pack leadership and animal behavior, about pet health, about the goals of sanitation…. basically, we teach outcomes and accountability, not just procedures.

… you will also get a person who is trained in pet first aid and CPR, a requirement for employees that have worked with us for 90 days or more. That is peace of mind that, in a sudden emergency, your pets’ caregiver has the skills to literally save your pet’s life.

… you will get the benefit of 20 years of evaluation and improvement of our processes, policies, and facilities. We made our decisions based on experiences and past outcomes, not on projections and market trends. So, decisions based on what is good for our client, not our shareholders or franchisee.

… you will get owners on-site, invested in the day-to-day quality of our operations. My vision for my business is clear and it is shared with my employees. They aren’t working for someone, they are working for something!

… you will get individuals who are bonded and personally connected to your pets. How do you NOT fall in love with all of them?

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