Meet the Club Pet Too Staff

Jason - Kennel Attendant Since 2015

Jason - Club Pet Too

My favorite thing about working at Club Pet Too is working with all of the staff and dogs.

Pam - Kennel Attendant & Receptionist Since 2004

Pam - Club Pet Too

I love the fact that working at Club Pet Too is not like work. I love the interaction with the animals, and the humans.

Lily- Kennel Attendant since 2019


My first memory of pets is my cat Millie that my grandma gave to us when I was little. I really felt an attachment to my kitty. When I was a kid I would always tell people that our names rhymed- "Lily, Millie."

Amber- Pet Groomer Since January, 2021

Haley- Kennel Attendant since May, 2021

Kate, Shift Supervisor since June, 2021

When I was in the 4th grade and walking home from school, I was met by my mom with a yellow lab puppy! (I had been begging my parents for a dog for about 2 years). Harley was my best friend, and I cherished every second! We only got to spend about 2 years together, when he got really sick with bloat, and passed away. I always knew that I wanted to work with animals, but after Harley passed, I knew my true calling was to work with animals in some way. I have volunteered at my local vet clinic, worked for Michigan Humane Society, and now I am here at Club Pet Too. Every day when I come to work to take care of the dogs, I remember that they are someone's best friend too, and I am here to give them the best care!

Kim, Pet Bather & Grooming Apprentice since July 2021

Kylie, Kennel Attendant & Receptionist since July 2021

When I was a little girl, I would sit with my dog while he was in his crate and read to him! My mom always said I would follow my dog around and was obsessed with him. I guess that is still true to this day since I work with a bunch of dogs! I love working with the dogs, their owners, and the rest of the CPT team!

Sarah, Kennel Attendant since March 2021