Meet the Club Pet Too Staff

Autumn - Kennel Attendant & Receptionist Since 2010

Autumn - Club Pet Too

My favorite thing about working here is the dogs!!! The joy of all the different personalities each and every dog shares with us. Plus, our staff is an amazing team. I love being able to have my two dogs with me.

Jason - Small Dog Room Attendant Since 2015

Jason - Club Pet Too

My favorite thing about working at Club Pet Too is working with all of the staff and dogs.

Jessica - Kennel Attendant & Receptionist Since 2007

Jessica - Club Pet Too

My favorite thing about working at Club Pet Too is the relationships I make with the dogs. I love getting to know their likes and quirks and how excited they get to see us!

Katie - Shift Leader Since 2014

Katie - Club Pet Too

My absolute favorite thing about working at Club Pet Too is all the unconditional love we receive from the pets we care for. There is nothing more rewarding!

Lena - Owner

Lena - Club Pet Too

My favorite thing about owning Club Pet Too can’t be broken down to just one thing! Creating an environment where so many different types of dogs can be comfortable is so rewarding. I love mentoring my employees and modeling compassion and hard work. When I see how much they invest in taking care of very old dogs, how diligent they are, how gentle, how concerned, I know that we’ve created something special here. I love being such a big part of my clients’ lives via their much-loved furry family members. I cherish the time when I can just hang out and play with the dogs. The reward is so immediate and goes straight to your heart.

Pam - Kennel Attendant & Receptionist Since 2004

Pam - Club Pet Too

I love the fact that working at Club Pet Too is not like work. I love the interaction with the animals, and the humans.

Sam - Shift Supervisor Since 2015

Sam - Club Pet Too

My first memory of my pets is when we got my first dog, Shelby. She was laying in my lap and I was running my finger up and down her nose, and she just fell asleep for what felt like years.

Shannon - Kennel Attendant & Receptionist Since 2017

Shannon - Club Pet Too

When I was about four, my youngest cousin was about six months old. They had a boxer named Duncan. My uncle took my and pretended that she was riding Duncan's back like a horse. It was such a great moment, my family sitting and laughing together. It shows me why my mom has only had boxers growing up. They're so tolerant and loving with children, such an amazing breed!

Lily- Kennel Attendant since 2019


My first memory of pets is my cat Millie that my grandma gave to us when I was little. I really felt an attachment to my kitty. When I was a kid I would always tell people that our names rhymed- "Lily, Millie."

Nadya- Kennel Attendant since 2019


My favorite thing about working at Club Pet Too is seeing all my favorite dogs. Like- Tango, Stella, Oonagh & Cowyn, Petey, Bandit, K'Os, Boomer, Cody, Dexter, Milo K, and Charlie S.

Jessi- Bather/Kennel Attendant since 2019


My favorite Club Pet Too dogs are Sugar because she is sweet and I love her wiggle butt. Oonagh because she is my leg warmer outside and cuddle buddy. K'Os because he reminds me of my dog Leia.