Cat Boarding

Our cozy cat room is located right off our lobby, separate from the sights and sounds of dog boarding and daycare. The room features natural light, a variety of cat toys, and large, private condos. The condos have distinct perches for eating, sleeping, and using the litter box. Additionally, cats can spend a period each day out of their condos to stretch out and explore the room.

Our cat boarding room is a light-filled and peaceful space. There is a large window with busy bird feeders for them to watch. There are climbing features, tunnels, and scratching posts, and a comfy chair for our staff to sit in and cuddle our friendly guests.

We carefully track your cats’ food and water intake, their bathroom habits, and behavior to ensure their health and provide you with a full picture of their well-being while boarding. Our staff is trained to administer medications, including injections, to cats. Non-toxic cleaners are used to ensure your cats’ comfort and safety.

Cat parents are welcome to bring their cats’ own food, treats, and whatever personal items from home they believe will enhance their cats’ experience of boarding. We provide food (canned or dry) litter, litter pans, bowls, and bedding (all at no additional fee) if none are provided.

$20.00 per night for 1 cat in 1 condo
$30.00 per night for 2 cats in 1 condo

We do not allow more than 2 cats per enclosure. From time to time, Club Pet Too may find it necessary to split up cats from the same family. We do so based on observable behaviors and at our sole discretion. In the event your cats must be separated, additional fees will apply. For our feline guests’ comfort and safety, we require all cats over one year of age to be spayed and neutered.

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